The Yoga Body Lifestyle November Master Class

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Did you know that there is a - specific diet and lifestyle that was meant just for you? One that was meant to keep you disease-free and thriving in every aspect of your life.

Our body is so intelligent and well built. It can run 100 years without needing repair, when treated well. And your life can be as grand as you dream it to be, when you treat yourself well. In fact, the quality of your life's achievement is proportionate to the quality of your self-care.

That, in a nutshell, is the Yoga Body Lifestyle and the journey we'll embark on for 30 days this November during the annual Fall Body Rejuvenation I've been leading.

This Teaser Module will get you started on assessing your body type and use 3 specific yoga routines to build you up and balance you out.



Sample The Master Class!

6 Lessons

Thank you for signing up to sample my Master Class!

Expect to learn enough to start looking at food and the way you do what you do with a different eye! This class will shift your perception about the pathways to create perfect health for you.

It will arm you with new tools to start moving and feeling differently. It will also remind you or how truly unique YOU are and that your pathway is nothing like anyone else'.

In fact, when you figure out what yours is as a result of the Yoga Body Diet and get to experiment with the various tools with my support, you'll be unstoppable. Think "Unlocked Potential", radiant health, flexibility, strength, balance and beginning to mend any health issues you may be dealing with.

I am excited for you!



View Teaser Module

1 Lessons

Welcome to the Fall Body Rejuvenation Master Class!

You just made an exceptional commitment to yourself and your future. No I am not being dramatic! I truly look forward to working with you in October to support and guide you in reaching your health goals. I love working with intelligent, motivated clients like you.

This is going to be the experience of a lifetime. Listen to the webinar recording in this course as your FIRST step.


Yours healthfully,




Week 1: Become a Fat Burning Machine (YBL Lifestyle)

6 Lessons

The goal of the first week is to re-educate your body to burn fat efficiently. When your body is a fat burning machine, your blood sugar levels remain constant throughout the day and you feel a lot more like yourself! You can also easily eat only 3 meals a day (or fewer).

Being able to train your body to become a fat burning machine during week 1 will help you enjoy the next 3 weeks of this program.

On the Western diet, people are hooked on sugar and the body is trained to continuously seek a dose of glucose to keep going. This leads to a host of health issues. It stresses the body, and in yoga, we say that there cannot be a peaceful mind in an agitated body.

The first week may arguably be the most difficult as I am encouraging you to live mindfully and reorganize your work and social schedule around your self-care.

Give it an honest shot and you will surprise yourself!

Good luck,


Week 2: Reduce Foods Cravings and Eat Yourself Calm (YBL Eating Plan)

5 Lessons

In this module, Coach Emma will introduce the Yoga Body Diet Eating Guidelines and begin to remove or limit the foods that aggravate your body type and eat more of the foods that bring you into balance.

You will follow your own body type dietary guidelines, meal plans and recipes.


Week 3: Cleanse and Heal The Body (Panchakarma)

4 Lessons

In this module, you will learn and prepare to execute a 7-day Panchakarma protocol.

Week 4: Transition Into Eating, Sleeping and Exercising For Energy

1 Lessons

On week 4, you'll integrate your new eating guidelines with exercise and sleep for all day energy and to burn fat faster and longer, especially while you sleep.

You will be able to re-introduce animal food within the limits of your specific body type and try to find an optimum Yoga Body Diet for you. Optimum here means what is optimum for you at this time in your personal journey. Everyone has a different health continuum journey. Equipped with your new knowledge, you'll decide what to keep for now.

Yoga For Your Type Tutorials

11 Lessons

BONUS Yoga For Beginner + Pranayama Tutorial

5 Lessons

These yoga videos are gentle and suitable for beginners.

The Pranayama introduction and practices will teach you how to breathe well for your yoga practice and for life!



Closing Webinar: YBL Maintenance PLan

1 Lessons